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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

pedestrian accident attorney during work

There are a lot of attorneys around, but when it comes to finding the right pedestrian accident attorney, the only team that you are going to want to trust is our team here at Yonkers Lawyers. A reliable pedestrian accident lawyer in Yonkers is not going to get better than the lawyers that we have. We are highly specialized, and we have a lot of experience I this area of work. As such, we are able to bring you the best results, at the bet rate, and we are going to be able to ensure that we far exceed any and all expectations that you have.

Red Light

If you are a pedestrian, and if you are part of an accident because of a vehicle running a red light, the team here at Yonkers Lawyers has got you covered. We are going to be able to ensure that you get the justice that you need. We are going to ensure that all of your medical bills are covered, and we are going to ensure that your pain and suffering is properly accounted for. There is no other team that can get this done as well as we can, and that is because there is no other law firm that is as invested in you as we are.


Crosswalks need to be taken with extreme caution, whether you are crossing the street as a pedestrian, or whether you are a car driving through a crosswalk area. It is crucial that all parties follow the law. When there are issues and problems that arise, you need to get to the bottom of things. Some lawyers are not able to get to the bottom of things, or in some cases, they are not able to get appropriate settlements. That is never going to happen when you trust our team with the all of the attorney services that you need though.

Illegal Crossing

If there is a pedestrian accident because a pedestrian was doing an illegal crossing, the team here is going to be able to sort out the grey areas. We are going to ensure that the law is properly utilized so justice is served. Throughout the entire process that we are working on your case, we are going to be thorough, and we are going to be transparent. All of the progress that we make will be shared with you through email notifications, or it is going to be through phone call notifications.

Court Dates

When there are court dates, and when there are hearing, the team is always prepared to get the job done right. Our representation of our clients is legendary because we are passionate, knowledgeable, and well-prepared. We are also going to ensure that the client is properly prepared for the court hearing as well. There are a lot of unknown territory that a client can be exposed to. However, you never have to worry about surprises. We are going to review the court proceedings, so you know exactly what to expect and how to handle court proceedings.

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